Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A brief history of revolution

History is filled with
revolutions to the fuller, 
One greedy set, 
replacing another.  

Communist revolution:
for redistribution of money,
managed in reality,
equal distribution of poverty.

Political revolution:
when power addicted royalty,
got replaced by the power thirsty polity.

The ongoing capitalist revolution:
where power goes from dictatorial states,
to irresponsibly greedy corporates.

Militant Islam,
Naxal movement,
are one more attempt 
of the have-not's, 
but also of the really uneducated
unaware of history,  
blind, violent reactions, 
of depressed classes in misery.

A case exists, possibly, 
for replacing revolution 
with rebellion.
rebellion individually, 
against the darkness within.

like night turning,  
slowly with no hint,
ever so graciously, 
into magnificent daylight.

A new day could ring in,
without a single bullet fired, 
but from sharing the fiery 
consciousness within.


blacks have got,  
equal rights,
to sit in buses 
after they protested. 

one little issue, 
with democracy, is;
plants and animals, 
hills and canals,
cant protest, 
for their own rights. 

democracy from 
a birds-eye view 
is the screw up 
by the the people 
for the people 
of Nature

Surreal and the real

Great human achievements,
even so more fascinating is-
a glimpse of the rose flower,
flight of a bird, roar of the lion, 
music of a waterfall, shade of the tree.

Great clothes
even so more beautiful,
are the animals and leaves

Great riches
even then  more real is the emptiness

Herd and I

In a place full of bats,
Hanging upside down
It looks crazy sitting up straight
In a place full of corpses
It looks crazy to be dancing

Friday, March 19, 2010


Hearing the birds,
"Am I late for office?"
Seeing the rain,
"Oh shit!"
Looking at the traffic,
"stuck in hell going nowhere"

Fast-forward to one fine day,
when love was in the air:

birds chirping,
"DIVINITY still exists.."
Seeing the rain,
"..Its LOVE still showers.."
Looking at the traffic
"..the river is going to meet the OCEAN"


..and the woman cried,
but was nothing I said or did,
it was a thousand years of suffering.

..and the woman lied,
but i knew what history did,
it was a thousand years of suspicion.

..and she tried,
as I said to her you are equal and freed,
stand up on your feet,
and she cried, her legs were meek,
it was a thousand years of suppression.

It will take 1000 years more to stop the tears.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Leonardo & nature versus waterfall model

Leonardo da Vinci's study of a tree sketch.
I was just reading a book on the works of Leonardo Da Vinci. It has quotes from him, which indicates how he observed nature closely: 'If you say that sciences that begin and end in the mind exhibit truth, this cannot be allowed... above all because such mental discourses do not involve experience, without which nothing can be achieved with certainty.' He preferred for each one to learn directly from nature to create valuable work instead of philosophizing in the mind or taking other peoples experience as the authority.

Looking at nature, I think there is no plan. Just a tremendously powerful present through which subsequent moments are born. The trees don't sit and analyze/design and plan the fruits, do not predict the future, how much time it is going to take; they just implement spontaneously. It is not anybody's plan that stars should give light, moon has to go around the earth the earth around the sun. It just happens according to their characteristic suchness.

Waterfall model for software with a long term end goal in mind fails the natures test. It is just somebody's mental idea that a particular software/service with particular characteristics will be required 1 year from now. This idea is just a copy of someone else, something which Leonardo was against: 'Life is pretty simple: You do some stuff. Most fails. Some works. You do more of what works. If it works big, others quickly copy it. Then you do something else. The trick is the doing something else.'

Life is more of a sprint than a plan. It is agile adapting to changing situations and responding. Similarly in Agile methodology of software development, staying in the present one can look at one month ahead so I think Agile methodology is much closer to life than waterfall model. Waterfall model is for creating low standard copies, Agile is for creating something valuable in tune with nature.