Friday, March 19, 2010


Hearing the birds,
"Am I late for office?"
Seeing the rain,
"Oh shit!"
Looking at the traffic,
"stuck in hell going nowhere"

Fast-forward to one fine day,
when love was in the air:

birds chirping,
"DIVINITY still exists.."
Seeing the rain,
"..Its LOVE still showers.."
Looking at the traffic
"..the river is going to meet the OCEAN"


..and the woman cried,
but was nothing I said or did,
it was a thousand years of suffering.

..and the woman lied,
but i knew what history did,
it was a thousand years of suspicion.

..and she tried,
as I said to her you are equal and freed,
stand up on your feet,
and she cried, her legs were meek,
it was a thousand years of suppression.

It will take 1000 years more to stop the tears.