Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A brief history of revolution

History is filled with
revolutions to the fuller, 
One greedy set, 
replacing another.  

Communist revolution:
for redistribution of money,
managed in reality,
equal distribution of poverty.

Political revolution:
when power addicted royalty,
got replaced by the power thirsty polity.

The ongoing capitalist revolution:
where power goes from dictatorial states,
to irresponsibly greedy corporates.

Militant Islam,
Naxal movement,
are one more attempt 
of the have-not's, 
but also of the really uneducated
unaware of history,  
blind, violent reactions, 
of depressed classes in misery.

A case exists, possibly, 
for replacing revolution 
with rebellion.
rebellion individually, 
against the darkness within.

like night turning,  
slowly with no hint,
ever so graciously, 
into magnificent daylight.

A new day could ring in,
without a single bullet fired, 
but from sharing the fiery 
consciousness within.

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